MT. VERNON, NY– ICE AIR®, the developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of HVAC units introduces their Fan Coil Unit (FCU) line raising the bar for simple and easy cooling and heating, reliable performance, high efficiency, ease of operation, low cost, easy installation and quiet comfort. A variety of solution-based options include 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems, customized valve packages and customized sheet metal options are available.

ICE AIR’s FCUs work independently, there is no costly duct work required, they fit easily into smaller spaces saving building costs and floor space, and only use an energy-saving fan and coil to efficiently re-circulate cooled indoor air. Optional wall-mounted remote controls are available from ICE AIR that optimize user comfort and ease of operation while minimizing energy consumption. Wireless and WiFi controls are also available.

“Our units have the smallest footprint and are ideal for replacement and renovation projects where a central chiller and boiler system is in place,” says Ric Nadel, Chairman/Co-CEO for ICE AIR. “In fact, for larger projects we will also customize to old and unavailable equipment.”

ICE AIR’s Made2Measure is a unique offering where FCUs and corresponding accessories can be customized to meet specialized requirements for building projects. Customization can save both equipment and labor/installation costs by making projects simpler and more efficient.

“Our optional ECM motors are highly efficient while providing indoor air quality,” says Mo Siegel, ICE AIR’s President/Co-CEO. “We are committed to creating a healthy environment through the use of products that support green building design and construction.”

ICE AIR’s FCUs come in six versatile models: FCHC (Horizontal Concealed) is easily adaptable for concealed or above-ceiling mounting; FCHU (Horizontal Ultra Thin) is designed for under-ceiling mounting; FCVC (Vertical Concealed) accommodate large spaces and easy access for maintenance; FCVE (Vertical Exposed) are exposed units against walls, beneath windows or along the perimeter of a room; FCHR (Hi Rise) is designed for high-rise installations; and FCIW (In-Wall) concealed wall mounting provide efficient perimeter heating.

The FCU units from ICE AIR meet all UL standards and conform to ASHRAE 90.1, local building codes and energy standards. All ICE AIR products are ETL-listed for safety in the U.S. and Canada.

ICE AIR, headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, develops and manufactures a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems and to replace old installations. ICE AIR offers advanced green technologies, environmentally sound “green” refrigerant, and provides world class comfort at high efficiency levels, meeting environmental standards and promoting a healthy environment. In addition to the Fan Coil units, Ice Air offers: Packaged Terminal A/C (PTACs), Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHP), Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHP), and Hybrid Water Cooled A/C conditioners (HWCAC).

For more information on the FCU units from ICE AIR, contact: Tom Glass, Director of National Accounts, Ice Air, LLC, 80 Hartford Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10553 T: 914-668-4700, E: