MT. VERNON, NY– Playing to a full audience at the Sinclair and Hemingway rooms at the luxury Waldorf Astoria Chicago during the AHR show, which took place at McCormick Place in early January, ICE AIR presented the company’s latest developments in the form of testimonial stories about their business relationships. Through the words of a distributor, a sales representative and a property developer, the company let their narratives about doing business with ICE AIR speak for the company’s successes in the HVAC business.

“Our idea was to bring in these testimonials and share their experiences with the people we work with,” said Mo Siegel, ICE AIR’s President/Co-CEO. “As one of the leading HVAC manufacturers providing superior new construction heating and cooling systems and replacements for old installations, we can always tell our story, but hearing it first hand from these value-chain participants created just the right atmosphere for our meeting.”

Tom Glass, ICE AIR’s Director of Sales and Marketing, kicked off the meeting energizing the people with music and strong introductions of the speakers. However, he began asking the audience, comprised of engineers, sales representatives and distributors, a provocative question: “What does it mean to be a successful company?”

“If you don’t treat the customer right, you won’t keep the customer,” Glass told the audience, “and keeping customers is what we all do or try to do. It’s always about the customer.”

Glass boiled down the answer to his question into three words: Reliability, Trust and Relationships. And then he brought up the speakers one at a time, each of whom addressed the audience with their personal experiences with ICE AIR.

“It was profound,” said ICE-AIR’s Co-CEO and Chairman, Ric Nadel. “From a distributor who told the audience that their relationship with ICE AIR sets them apart from competition, to a sales representative who related how ICE AIR stepped up to ‘save the day’ when one of their projects went South, to a property developer who told the audience managing expectations of owners is how ICE AIR helps him do his job. It was humbling to hear these professionals express their view about our company to the room.”

The meeting ended with a five minute overview of ICE AIR’s new project management and pricing software. Called Hi-Spec™, the program was developed to provide the value chain participants from engineers to sales reps to distributors with a program for collaboration.

“You need to share projects in collaboration effortlessly,” Tom Glass told the audience to conclude the presentation. “And the Hi-Spec program will do that – and more. We’re excited to introduce it.”

The room was then “opened up” to reveal the complete line of ICE AIR equipment on display. Shown were Packaged Terminal A/C (PTACs), Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHP), Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHP), and Hybrid Water Cooled A/C conditioners (HWCAC) and Fan Coils.

“It gave our customers a chance to touch the equipment and hear about all our advantages,” Siegel said. “Many came back throughout the day and brought additional guests with them.”

ICE AIR, headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, develops and manufactures a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems and to replace old installations. ICE AIR offers advanced green technologies, environmentally sound “green” refrigerant, and provides world class comfort at high efficiency levels, meeting environmental standards and promoting a healthy environment. In addition to the Fan Coil units, Ice Air offers: Packaged Terminal A/C (PTACs), Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHP), Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHP), and Hybrid Water Cooled A/C conditioners (HWCAC).

For more information on ICE AIR, contact: Tom Glass, Director of National Accounts, Ice Air, LLC, 80 Hartford Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10553 T: 914-668-4700, E: