Ice Air Leadership

[column sm=”4″] Ric Nadel, Ice Air Co-CEO and Chairman

Ric Nadel

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Ric Nadel started up Ice Air with Mo Siegel in 2003, and is responsible for determining and communicating the organization’s strategic direction, as well as balancing resources of capital and people. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College.  Prior to founding Ice Air, he was Vice-President of Nadel Industries –  a high end packaging manufacturer for the cosmetics industry. He is an avid triathlete and has completed races around the world, including the grueling Israman triathlon in Eilat, Israel and the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco, CA.

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[row] [column sm=”3″] Tom Glass, Ice Air Director of National Accounts

Tom Glass

Director of Sales and Marketing
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Tom is responsible for planning and executing sales and marketing strategies, working with and supporting Ice Air’s sales representatives and customers. Prior to his employment at Ice Air, Tom was a Branch Manager for Red Bull energy drinks. Tom has a BS in Business Marketing from the State University of New York at Oswego and an AS degree in Business Administration from Dutchess Community College.

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Bill Liu

Director of Engineering
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As Director of Engineering of Ice Air, Bill Liu is responsible for planning and directing all aspects of engineering activities and projects, including utilizing best practice methods and providing expert technical guidance for engineering initiatives. He manages overall engineering budget and costs, incorporating components, materials, and tools that result in cost-effective and quality output. Prior to joining Ice Air, Bill was the Program Manager at the Home Comfort Group of General Electric (GE) Appliances. Bill has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland, an MBA from University of Louisville, and an MIT Sloan Certificate for Managing Complex Development Projects.

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Anthony Gili

Senior Project Manager
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Anthony has direct responsibility for all new construction and major retrofit project management activities including construction plan reviews; developing and evaluating standard and custom equipment solutions to meet customer requirements; supporting mechanical contractors, specifying architects and engineers, construction managers and developers; detailing cost estimates; coordinating project schedules and logistics and starting up and closing out each project. Prior to joining Ice Air, Anthony owned a trucking and logistics company. He enjoys coaching his children’s basketball teams and restoring vintage furniture.

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[row] [column sm=”1″] David Calderon, Ice Air Operations  Manager
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David Calderon

Operations  Manager
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David is responsible for developing, leading and executing purchasing strategies; tracking and reporting key functional metrics to control expenses. David is also responsible for Ice Air’s warranty service programs and execution. Prior to his employment at Ice Air, David was at MetLife. He has a BA from Hofstra University. Dave is also president of YALD (Young Adult Leadership & Development), a non-profit organization that focuses on Youth Leadership Development for middle school through college age students.

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Joe Eudemiller

Sales Director/WNA (Western North America)
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Joe Eudemiller is responsible for increasing sales revenues and maintaining customer relationships in California, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Arizona, and New Mexico and Texas-West. Prior to joining Ice Air, Joe was a partner and the COO of Tricor Mechanical. Joe attended the University of California, Berkeley, and is a certificated Six Sigma Black Belt, MEP.

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