Ice Air Leadership

Ric Nadel, Ice Air Co-CEO and Chairman

Ric Nadel
Founder & CEO

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Ice Air has always strived to offer superior products with superior service and superior value. Great products and great relationships are drivers of our success.

My goal is to create a positive experience for everyone – our employees, our customers and their end-users.

We are used to working as a team in a family-type environment. My door is left open to encourage communication.

If someone has a question, I encourage speaking up. There are years of experience to learn from the staff here. At the same time, we expect a person’s absolute best effort in moving the company forward.

There are no egos here. We’re all trying to improve the way we do things.

Our business is growing in a dramatic fashion. We’ve doubled our sales each year over the last three years largely because of our products and relationships. It is a trend we expect to continue for the next several years.

Our goal is to make doing business with Ice Air easy and simple. When I’m talking to customers and they have a request of me, I get it done. We figure out a way to make it a win-win.

While our products and relationships are the key to our success, we prioritize servicing our customers’ needs. Once we gain a customer, we tend to keep them for life.

Our Mission Statement

Tom Glass, Ice Air Director of National Accounts

Tom Glass
Director of Sales and Marketing

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Bill Liu, Ice Air Director of Engineering

Bill Liu
Director of Engineering

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Anthony Gili, Ice Air Director of Project Manager

Anthony Gili
Director of Project Manager

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Tamer Bou Matar, Sr. Sales Engineer

Tamer Bou Matar
Sr. Sales Engineer

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David Calderon, Ice Air Operations Manager

David Calderon
Operations Manager

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Bob Cesiro, Marketing Director

Bob Cesiro
Marketing Director

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John Weber, National Business Development Manager

John Weber
National Business Development Manager

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