All Climate Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

iCool XC

The iCool XC is compact and versatile. It’s the essence of elegance with up to 25% greater efficiency. All Electric, All Climate Comfort with Zero Emissions.

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Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps


Ice Air’s PTHP units utilize the new innovative technology in order to function efficiently and reliably to deliver heat at low temperatures.

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Packaged Terminal A/Cs


Ice Air has developed a wide variety of Hi-Spec and ExactFit HVAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems or to replace old installations.

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Single Packaged Air Conditioners


SPXCs are as convenient to service as a PTAC while providing the benefits of concealed ducted systems.

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Water Source Heat Pumps


Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) are combination cooling and heating units which provide efficient room-by-room comfort.

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Fan Coil Units


Ice Air’s Fan Coil Units (FCUs) provide superior whisper quiet, energy effcient performance.

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Hybrid Water Cooled A/Cs


Ice Air’s innovative Hydronic Hybrid Water-Cooled Air Conditioners combine high-efficiency cooling with an advanced hot water coil that provides hydronic heat for an entire room without using the unit’s compressor.

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Domestic Heat Pump Water Heaters


Ice Air’s HPWH-series cold climate heat pump domestic hot water heaters electrify a building’s DHW plant. They capture the free energy in the environment and convert it to hot water.

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Heat Pump Water Chiller/Heaters


Ice Air’s heat pump water chiller/heater technology actually relies 100+ year old refrigeration principles to turn cold air into hot water

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