Get Electrified Using Building Electrification and Ice Air

Whether driven by corporate policy or local greenhouse gas emission legislation, the movement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – also known as decarbonization – is gaining momentum. As building owners explore ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements, building electrification has emerged as a proven strategy for reducing emissions while increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs. Building electrification is the process of replacing existing technologies that rely on fossil fuels – such as space heating systems – with newer technologies such as heat pumps that use electricity as the energy source for both heating and cooling.

Electrified Product Family


Cold Climate Packaged Terminal Heat Pump

iCool XC

All Climate Wall Mounted Heat Pump


Cold Climate Single Packaged Vertical Heat Pump


Heat Pump Water Heater


Heat Pump Water Heater/Chiller


Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump

Numerous states around the U.S. – including California, New York, Washington DC, and others – have adopted regulatory policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Such regulations stress the role of electrification in decarbonizing the built environment and have wide-ranging implications for utilities, building engineers and architects, OEMs & building owners.

Rebate Roadmap

  Type of Conditioning

  Class or Category


  Ice Air Model

  • Electrification Hierarchy
    • Space Heating and Cooling
      • Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump (ccASHP)
        • Cold Climate Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (ccPTHP)
          • RSXC
        • Cold Climate Central Air Conditioners (CAC)
          • iCool XC
          • SPXC
      • Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP)
          • VSHPGE
    • Water Heating and Cooling
      • Air-to-Water Heat Pump (ATWHP)
        • Heat Pump Water Heater
          • HPWH-D
        • Heat Pump Chiller Heater
          • HPWH-SC

As an established HVAC original equipment manufacturer, Ice Air has been ahead of the of building electrification and decarbonization movement for decades. We’re proud to leading the way and usher in a better tomorrow with innovative, reliable and efficient systems – all designed to help building owners make the transition to a greener, efficient and sustainable future.



Heat Pumps are Ready for the Cold
Ice Air’s RSXC models are AHRI certified. RSXC models include a variable speed compressor for optimal comfort. Heating performance is lab tested and certified down to -5°F, with a theoretical lower limit of -25°F for heating.

The RSXC Series models are on the NEEP Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump (ccPTHP) Product List. The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) product listing identifies products best suited to electrify heating in cold climates.

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iCool XC Series

All Climate Wall Mounted Heat Pump
The iCool XC is compact and versatile. It’s the essence of elegance with up to 25% greater efficiency. All Electric, All Climate Comfort with Zero Emissions.

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SPXC Series

Heat Pumps Beat the Cold
The SPXC Series produce superior energy savings, which is especially important to satisfy the New York City’s Law 97 and other laws throughout the U.S., as well as helping projects comply with green building rating systems such as LEED®.

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HPWH Series

Cold Weather and Water Heaters
Ice Air’s HPWH Series are tested to -13°F providing hot water even when it is extremely cold outside.

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HPWH-SC Series

Technology for a Sustainable Future
Turning cold air into hot water sounds like magic, but Ice Air’s heat pump water chiller/heater technology actually relies 100+ year old refrigeration principles to turn cold air into hot water. Although refrigeration and cooling go hand-in-hand, the refrigeration circuit also includes a hot side opposite the cold side.

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Go Green. Go Geothermal.
Ice Air’s VSHPGE units are AHRI certified, meet all UL standards and conform to ASHRAE 90.1, local building codes and energy standards. Ice Air’s AHRI Performance Certified VSHPGE models meet AHRI
tier 1 efficiencies.

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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Our new Ice Air VRF systems are comprised of Outdoor and Indoor Units, as well as controllers and other options. These components combine into systems that deliver the precise amounts of refrigerant required to match your cooling and heating requirements. Ice Air’s advanced DC inverter controls and variable speed compressors and motors ensure that you are getting the highest efficiency comfort systems throughout your facilities. From equipment technology and design, through the manufacturing and quality processes, Ice Air provides the highest quality, efficiency and support for its World Class Comfort™ VRF systems. We call it COMFORT3.

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