MT. VERNON, NY – The annual ERAPPA conference, the premier educational event for facilities professionals in education held October 29 through November 1, 2017, promises to “raise the bar” once again in 2017 in order to help facility managers, architects and engineers who control the country’s facilities understand the innovations taking place in the energy usage to cool and heat their buildings.

“We jumped at this opportunity to get involved,” says Mo Siegel, ICE AIR’s President/Co-CEO of ICE-AIR®, the developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of HVAC units, ”because the ICE-AIR® story is one of the untold success stories of keeping and maintaining heating and cooling in multi-housing, hotels/motels, dormitories, commercial buildings, apartments and other property types. We just do it better because we focus on the tenants of those buildings – the people near and dear to the hearts of the owners.”

“We’re partnering with our local Washington DC representative, Capital Energy Equipment, Inc.,” adds Ric Nadel, Chairman/Co-CEO for ICE AIR,” and in booth 214 at the show, we’re going to be demonstrating our innovations to an eager audience.”

For example, ICE-AIR’s introduction of a full line of Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) came because of the growing need for such units designed for years of trouble-free operation and reliable performance. “There just wasn’t anything that solved those problems,” Nadel adds, “so we developed an entire product line.” Today, ICE AIR WSHPs include units such as Vertical Stack (ideal for whisper-quiet cooling and heating in a tight footprint); Horizontal WSHP (which conserves floor space with an extremely low-profile design), the Vertical Closet WSHP (delivering a clean look to the room with great energy efficiency); Console WSHP units for independent comfort cooling and heating with a high quality beautifully finished enclosure.

“We’re excited about this opportunity for networking with these executives to show them such solutions,” say the co-chairmen. “Our equipment is designed to stand the rigors of both new construction and retrofit. We’ll be showing and talking about some other breakthrough products we’ve developed over the decades we’ve been in business.”

ABOUT ICE AIR. ICE AIR, headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, develops and manufactures a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems and to replace old installations. ICE AIR offers advanced green technologies, environmentally sound “green” refrigerant, and provides world class comfort at high efficiency levels, meeting environmental standards and promoting a healthy environment. In addition to the Fan Coil units, Ice Air offers: Packaged Terminal A/C (PTACs), Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHP), Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHP), and Hybrid Water Cooled A/C conditioners (HWCAC).

ABOUT CAPITAL ENERGY EQUIPMENT, INC. Located in Vienna, Virginia, Capital Energy Equipment, Inc. serves both the commercial and industrial markets by offering the highest quality HVAC equipment parts and accessories. Their innovative and environmentally friendly solutions help building owners, consulting engineers, contractors and government agencies overcome challenges and efficiently

For more information on the company, including their participation in ERAPPA 2017, contact: Lakia Edwards, Ice Air, LLC, 80 Hartford Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10553 T: 914-668-4700, E: