Ice Air Seattle Construction Report

The Seattle, Washington U.S. Construction Market Snapshot for Q4 – 2021 published by Cumming Management Group suggests 2022 may represent a return to form for the Seattle market. Total construction is expected to grow by almost 6% this year before contracting slightly in coming years. Rather than external factors, this is mostly due to residential projects that began due to the pandemic wrapping up. Residential construction still accounts for more than half of all volume here, as is common on the West Coast — workers are moving back to the city center to be closer to jobs downtown.

Seattle HVAC Electrification News

Looking to the future, Seattle is expected to invest heavily in sustainability. The city pledged in 2010 to become carbon-neutral, and that date is fast approaching. In the pipeline are a tram network to get people out of their cars, new powerplants to end the city’s dependence on fossil fuels, and green buildings to take advantage of government tax credits.

In addition, the State of Washington’s Building Code Council voted to restrict the use of gas in new office complexes, apartment towers and other large facilities starting in July 2023 according to a recently published report by Canary media. Soon, all new commercial buildings in the state will utilize heat pumps for space heating in most cases. This revised code gives Washington the strongest standards in the country for electrifying commercial buildings.

New Construction.

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Aftermarket Construction.Ice Air & Proctor Sales

In the Seattle aftermarket, Proctor Sales’ mission of providing “best in class” products and people, is the perfect pair for Ice Air products. When you work with Proctor Sales, you can expect to receive exceptional service backed up by over fifty years of industry knowledge and experience.

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