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Ice Air New YorkNew York City is enduring its second and most robust building boom of the 21st century – with no end currently in sight. That’s what the New York Building Congress says in its analysis, New York Construction Outlook. And according to Curbed New York, another great resource, 2018 will serve up “no shortage of milestones in the projects that are defining 21st-century New York City.”

From the construction of the west rail yard platform that will lay ground for the second half of Hudson Yards to the opening of 3 World Trade Center, 2018 will see a steady march of progress. It will also lay bare the circles of power that impinge on that progress. (Those fixes to the subway cannot wait.)

Here’s a 100-page comprehensive report on NYC Hotel Market Analysis Existing Conditions and 10-Year Outlook. That report notes, “Over the past decade, the New York City hotel market has been in the midst of a substantial growth in supply, with 42 percent growth in new hotel rooms since 2010.” Opportunity everywhere!


New Construction.

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Aftermarket Construction.

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