New Hydronic Hybrid WSHP Boasts High Efficiency

Ice Air, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, recently introduced a series of new “Hybrid” Water Source Heat Pumps, which use a fraction of the energy required for heating and cooling, when compared to traditional WSHPs and other HVAC systems.

The Hybrid unit combines water-cooled air conditioning with an advanced hot water coil that provides hydronic heat for an entire room without using the unit’s compressor. The high capacity heating coil operates at extremely low Entering Water Temperatures (EWT), between 105°-125°F. These units, when coupled with a high efficiency condensing boiler, provide the most cost-effective and efficient method of space heating for multi-family buildings, lodging, dormitory and similar properties.

Mo Siegel, President and co-CEO of Ice Air, noted that these new units are similar to a design originally patented in 1969 by Sidney Siegel, a founder of Ice Cap, Inc., and Mo’s father. “The hydronic Hybrid WSHP is truly an intergenerational effort,” said Mo Siegel. “What started in 1969 has now been updated to become an innovative machine for building owners and developers who want state-of-the-art heating and cooling with advanced LEED certification.”

The Hybrid WSHP is available in Vertical Stack and Console configurations, and is suitable for high efficiency new construction and retrofit projects. Like all of Ice Air’s HVAC equipment, which includes Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Fan Coil Units, the Hybrid WSHP is modifiable to meet varying project specifications and dimensional requirements. “Unlike other manufacturers, our Hybrid WSHP can be specified for any project, making it an appealing choice for owners, developers, contractors and engineers,” said Ric Nadel, co-CEO of Ice Air.