Ice Air Announces New Direct Replacement Console WSHP

This month, Ice Air, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, introduced the ExactFit™ direct replacement for ClimateMaster’s Console Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP). Ice Air previously offered a direct replacement for the McQuay Console model, but a recent successful retrofit project prompted them to add a custom-sized replacement model to their expanding product line-up.

The project, a complete retrofit of St. Louis Hall, an apartment building located at 319 West 94th Street in Manhattan, included 140+ slope top Console WSHP units with motorized outside air dampers on some units, as well as condensate pumps and factory installed piping packages. Ice Air was able to change the size specifications of the units in order to meet the evolving design needs of the project, and the customers are “very impressed with the mix of value, quality and performance of the new units,” said Ice Air co-CEO, Ric Nadel.