Ice Air Creates Xstream Air for Extreme Comfort

Ice Air launched Xstream Air, a patented Outside Air Module, which provides up to 150 cfm of filtered, tempered outside air through ICE AIR’s advanced Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC). The product was unveiled at ICE AIR’s annual Sales Representative meeting and equipment showcase held at Chicago’s Elysian Hotel during the recent AHR Expo.

Adding Xstream Air to PTACs introduces a specified amount of outside air into the conditioned space – eliminating the need for separate make-up air systems or window mounted “trickle vents.” It brings fresh air from the building’s exterior and filters and tempers it before mixing it with air from inside the room to create a single, refreshing air stream.

“Xstream Air allows our customers to achieve significant upfront building cost savings by eliminating expensive make-up air systems, and meeting code requirements for fresh air intake directly through their PTAC units,” said co-CEO Ric Nadel. He added, “At ICE AIR, we are seeking new ways to innovate and create new products that will benefit the market through increased energy efficiency and cost savings.”

Rounding out the Chicago meetings, ICE AIR presented awards to leading Sales Reps, including “Most Improved Sales” to G&C, Inc. (Garwood, NJ), “Salesperson of the Year” to Patrick Anderson from Stoermer-Anderson (Cincinnati, OH) and “Distributor of the Year” to Brothers Supply Corporation (Long Island City, NY).