Boston Retrofit Renaissance

Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps

The revitalization of the Charlestown neighborhood in Boston is underway, including a full retrofit of the century-old Terminal Storage Building. This project, a former warehouse, is being renovated into 124 artist lofts and studios.

The owner/developer has maintained the original building design and aesthetics, while fully modernizing the interiors and subdividing into individual apartments. Ice Air was brought in to provide 135+ Vertical Stack and Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump equipment for heating and cooling.

Mystic River Lofts is a $40 million renovation project, and the building is part of the National Registry of Historic Buildings. As the rental market in Boston has seen resurgence in recent years, the rush to revitalize and develop new neighborhoods is booming.

The building was the first in the Boston area to utilize Aquatherm HDPP piping, and Ice Air shipped the water source heat pump casings after the risers were fully pressure-tested, which saved time and money for the owner.

Ice Air also was able to provide locks on all return air doors to prevent residents from accessing the units. This was a specific request from the owner, and Ice Air fulfilled the request while other manufacturers were unwilling to do so. This service helped sell the job for Ice Air, and is an example of our ability to meet custom needs for each project and provide personalized service during project management.