High Velocity in Hollywood: The Making of SPAC

Single Packaged Vertical Stack AC/Heat Pump

Hollywood is getting just a little more glamorous with the construction of a brand new luxury residential tower on Sunset Boulevard, within view of the iconic Hollywood sign. The building, known as the Sunset tower, represents the birth of a new innovation in Ice Air’s line of products.

While the building was originally designed as a vertical Water Source Heat Pump job, the high costs of the equipment piping and installation were a sticking point in getting the project underway. Ice Air worked with the contractor to create a cost-saving and innovative solution. The high velocity Single Packaged Vertical Heat Pump was designed to accommodate the building’s configuration of interior unit locations with a high static pressure requirement of 15′-30′ of condenser air ducting.

After several months of design work and collaboration between our engineers and Control Air, the mechanical design/build contractor on Sunset, Ice Air developed an ideal solution, a unit completely unique to the marketplace. The SPAC is able to duct the condenser air from the outside of the building and utilize the evaporator side of the unit to free blow into three rooms simultaneously with quiet, tempered air.

Inherent to meeting the stringent project requirements was the need to satisfy California’s strict building, seismic and energy efficiency codes. The SPAC is able to meet all of these criteria while providing builders and mechanical contractors with an extremely cost-effective and user-friendly solution. It negates the high piping and labor costs typically associated with wet heat pump installations, and significantly improves project appearance, sound levels and tenant acceptance compared to typical PTAC installations.

Check out Ice Air’s new Single Packaged Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps – the best of both worlds! High heat pump efficiencies, whisper quiet performance, unique interior location capabilities (also available in standard exterior wall mount configurations) and a cost-effective alternative to expensive water source heat pump applications.