Ice Air is a customer-driven company, dedicated to creating innovative solutions to improve efficiency, reduce sound levels, make equipment that fits into unconventional spaces and meet complex specifications and requirements. We have a history of taking on difficult projects and devising innovative solutions that are cost-effective. Often these innovations become new products that integrate into our standard offerings and line-ups. Our sales, engineering and project management teams are adept at working together to transform conventional project roadblocks into useful and effective solutions.

Ice Air’s PTAC innovations were highlighted on the Urban Green Council blog, in an entry written by a prominent engineer.

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Introducing SPAC!
Ice Air’s new Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner/Heat Pump is also available in a high-velocity model. It’s an innovative, unique air-to-air unit that works from within an interior wall space, providing ultra-quiet operation, high energy efficiency and zoned cooling and heating.

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Introducing the Hybrid WCAC!
Ice Air’s Hybrid Water-Cooled Air Conditioners combine high-efficiency cooling with an advanced hot water coil that provides hydronic heat for an entire room without using the unit’s compressor.

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With Made2Measure, Ice Air can customize the size of standard units in order to accommodate difficult space requirements.

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An add-on Outside Air Module that provides  from 20-50 cfm of filtered, tempered outside air through our advanced terminal equipment.

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Sound Shield_fin

An advanced PTAC sound technology that greatly improves sound transmission ratings for your entire wall system. SoundShield reduces noise transfer from outside the building to the interior, and allows buildings to meet minimum window/wall noise attenuation ratings.

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thermal guard logo_RGB

A patented technology made from heavy duty galvanized steel that eliminates heat transfer from a building’s exterior through a wall sleeve casing to make thru-wall units run more efficiently.

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