Making the Case for Profitable Sustainability

Making the Case for Profitable SustainabilityA quiet revolution is unfolding within the HVAC industry, spearheaded by Ice Air and our customers. Advanced all electric heat pump technology provides All Climate Comfort with up to 25% greater efficiency, Zero emissions and easier installation. All of which deliver substantial economic benefits to builders, businesses and communities right now.

Start with the iCool XC all climate wall-mounted heat pump, a compact and versatile essence of elegance. Weighing in at just 84 lbs., the iCool XC is an aesthetic pleasing wall-mounted unit that is designed specifically for cold climate energy efficiency, providing the best of both worlds — the performance of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with the convenience of a packaged unit. It has been heat-performance, laboratory tested and certified to 5°F, and provides cooling operation down to 38°F. Be sure to check it out today!