McQuay International (Daikin Applied) Exits PTAC Business ­– Ice Air Offers Full Line of PTAC Replacements

Ice Air offers a full line of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) that are exact replacements for McQuay, Remington and Singer PTAC equipment. In early 2014, Daikin Applied, formerly McQuay International, announced that they are discontinuing all of their PTAC product lines, including legacy products, and exiting the OEM PTAC business.

Ice Air’s PTAC products are reliable, high-quality alternatives to the McQuay line, and their full complement of ExactFit units replace McQuay, Singer, AAF, Snyder General and Remington PTAC units. Ice Air’s replacements fit exactly into McQuay models, including the Type 16, N, PDNS, PDEC, PDES, PDHC, PDHS (Suite), EA, ES, RS, K, EK and RK units.

Having completed thousands of successful jobs, Ice Air is poised to leverage this opening in the PTAC market in years to come. The company also offers many innovative accessories for new construction, replacement and retrofit projects in order to improve building efficiency, dampen sound transmission and temper outside air.

Ice Air encourages independent owner’s/sales representatives interested in representing Ice Air equipment to contact them for more information.