Innovative SPAC A/C Unit Spells Good News in Heat Wave

Mount Vernon, NY – Ice Air, a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, has recently added an innovative product to their line-up. The high velocity Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner/Heat Pump (SPAC) is a unique air-to-air unit that works from within an interior wall space and provides ultra-quiet operation, high-energy efficiency, and zoned cooling and heating for multifamily residences.

As is often the case with innovative products, the SPAC was originally designed as a custom solution for a specific building project. The Sunset Tower was an over-budget new construction project on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA with challenging HVAC specifications. The building’s configuration necessitated an interior unit location with 15’-30’ of condenser air ducting causing a high static pressure requirement for the units. The major snag: this type of equipment wasn’t available anywhere on the market.

While the project’s engineering plans had originally specified Water Source Heat Pumps, the cost of providing a “wet” system was too high for the project’s budget. When posed with this problem, Ice Air stepped in to design an extremely cost-effective and user-friendly solution that negates the high piping and labor costs typically associated with water source heat pump installations.

The design and power of the SPAC allows each apartment in the luxury condominium tower to have just one unit in an interior closet to provide heating and cooling to three rooms: the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Typical HVAC systems normally necessitate having a unit located in each room of an apartment.

The SPAC has a unique dual motor design with quiet indoor airflow and variable condenser CFM that allows for easy customization to a range of project requirements. The unit is available in both standard and high velocity configurations and is perfect for multi-room applications, including multi-family buildings, suites, dormitories, light commercial and lodging properties.