Hottest Horizontal Heat Pump to Hit HVAC

Ice Air has just added a new Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) to its line of heating and cooling products.

“The Horizontal WSHP is a new entry into an extremely competitive field, and it is ideal for new construction, renovation and retrofit projects of all types. It can serve as an exact replacement for any competitive product, including offerings from McQuay,” said co-CEO Mo Siegel.

Some of the Horizontal WSHP’s many features include: state-of-the-art rotary or scroll compressors, heavy duty galvanized steel chassis and thermal expansion valves, which provide optimal operation across a variety of conditions. They also offer optional value packages, including braided flexible stainless steel hose kits.

As a company dedicated to green building and product offerings, Ice Air’s Horizontal WSHP uses R410A green refrigerant and has high EERs and COPs which help buildings of all types become more energy and cost efficient.