Co-CEOs Welcome Reps, Customers and Friends at the ARIA!

Every year ICE AIR gets together with sales representatives and customers. As we continue to build our relationships and improve the quality of our products, we welcomed our reps and customers to the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas around the AHR Expo. “2016 has been a successful year for ICE AIR, and our representatives and customers heard about these successes in our meeting,” Ric Nadel, ICE AIR Co-CEO, said. “We’re looking forward to continued success throughout 2017, including projects with unique specifications and requirements. Certainly, our company hopes you appreciate some of the manufacturing capabilities, and the flexibility incorporated into our product offering.”

The full line of products was on display at the AHR Expo as well as the ARIA. “The construction of our equipment sets us apart from other manufacturers,” added Mo Siegel, ICE AIR Co-CEO.