Brothers Supply Corporation Michael Esposito Addresses Sales Representatives

During the 2017 meeting at the ARIA in Las Vegas, Michael Esposito from Brothers Supply Corporation addressed the ICE AIR sales representatives and customers. He asked everyone to look around the room, and said that the people in the room were exclusive. “You are leaders in the industry” he said. “ICE AIR doesn’t look for just anyone to represent them. They look for pioneers, which is why they are looking toward you.”

Michael’s company made the decision to feature ICE AIR first, and told the audience that the partnership has proven extremely beneficial. “ICE AIR and our company have led the way for the sixth straight year in retrofit and new construction projects around New York City,” he explained. “Having access to their dynamic engineering and product managers, access to the ownership, we have experienced dynamic growth with ICE AIR,” Michael concluded. “And so can you when you make the effort and decision to lead with ICE AIR.”