Why Every Renter and Homeowner Should Know What Heat Pumps Do

All About Heat Pumps

Whenever the subject of sustainability and clean energy is brought up, it always stirs up skepticism and politics. Which is why it is imperative that the public needs to understand just what exactly heat pump technology does. The benefits are immediate. Conservatives, moderates, progressives and radicals will agree that comfort and saving money is important.

A pilot project in New York City’s public housing at the Woodside Houses in Queens is out to prove some important points. Traditional radiators are being replaced with heat pumps to produce both cooling and heating. The state has purchased 30,000 of these heat pumps for public housing, aiming to save energy costs, and pollution, while providing air conditioning to residents who previously did not have access to it.

Despite the optimism, residents express concerns about the new system, especially in cold weather. The ultimate goal is to prove this technology, and to make efficient heating and cooling solutions more accessible to renters, particularly those in lower-income brackets.

The initiative is part of New York State’s ambitious climate plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85%. Heat and hot water in buildings are significant contributors to the city’s emissions, but it is also a huge part of tenant and owner costs. While the project is a significant step towards greener, more sustainable public housing, I say it will be an even bigger step towards solving the real problem- the inability to maintain older HVAC systems. That’s why the news is filled is horror stories of suffering tenants during every heat wave and cold snap. Check out the incredible shrinking heat pump piece, and then call Ice Air or visit our Heat Pump information.