Factors to Consider When Replacing a Commercial Cooling System

A well-maintained commercial HVAC system will last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Most commercial buildings, on the other hand, last upwards of 50. Therefore, property managers can expect to replace their cooling equipment at least once during a building’s lifetime. As an HVAC manufacturer, we recommend addressing these factors before investing.

The “Who, What, Why” of Cooling System Replacement


Your cooling system impacts several parties including tenants, facilities personnel, and yourself. Hence, you want equipment that meets these groups where they are. Occupants, for example, need a system with comfort control. Technicians and operating engineers, on the other hand, need something with minimal upkeep. Property managers typically prefer efficiency and affordability. Before choosing equipment, sit down with these parties and discuss what they’re hoping to get from the new system. You can then use this feedback during your search.


While occupant and staff concerns are important, they’re not the only factors you should consider. The “what”—meaning the new HVAC system—should also align with the results of any thermal analyses you have performed on the building. Additionally, think about the installation process and any building modifications or tenant disruptions that could result.

When researching equipment, the newest, most expensive HVAC system isn’t always the best choice. Technology, while appealing, is not the sole reason for superior performance. You also need the right hardware and the right team maintaining that hardware. As an HVAC manufacturer, we recommend looking for units that meet your unique needs, rather than choosing whatever is considered the “latest and greatest.” You may also want to consider custom HVAC solutions if your search proves unproductive.


Finally, consider why you’re replacing your HVAC system. Does the current equipment frequently break down? Are operating costs on the rise relative to competing buildings? Talk to tenants and staff about their issues with the current system, if necessary. Defining the “why” will help you pick a better “what.”

There are a few ways to find which cooling systems fit your building’s unique needs. You can look online, seek word-of-mouth recommendations, or contact an HVAC manufacturer. To speak with our team, call (914) 668-4700 today.