2 Energy-Efficient HVAC Products for Your Next Project

As an engineer, you likely want to do everything possible to satisfy your clients’ needs. Often, this involves selecting a heating and cooling system that will be both effective and cost efficient. The professionals at Ice Air understand this need better than most. That’s why they’ve created products with energy efficiency specifically in mind. Below, these HVAC manufacturers highlight some of their impressive features your clients will surely love.

2 Impressive Features to Present to Your Clients

1.  Outside Air Modules (OAMs)

Another patented technology, this product minimizes the number of systems a building may need to ensure sufficient fresh air intake. OAMs eliminate the need for additional make-up air systems by providing an all-in-one solution. Typically, engineers must install multiple units to filter and temper any air brought in from the outside before it can be mixed with interior air and released into the building. However, with the OAM, this process is taken care of with one machine.

2. Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs)

For clients seeking a simplified approach to heating and cooling, choose WSHPs. These units are durable, reliable, and easy to use, allowing building owners to maintain a consistent level of comfort on a room-by-room basis. The water source heat pumps work by allowing the heating and cooling units to function independently while being housed within the same system. And because they come equipped with digital controls, clients can set the system to heat or cool the space according to their exact preferences.

When you’re ready to begin designing a heating and cooling plan for a commercial client, turn to the HVAC manufacturers at Ice Air. They have over 50 years of experience working with all types of industries and projects, from assisted living facilities and nursing homes to residential and commercial high-rise buildings. With customized heating and cooling solutions and extensive product options, they have everything you need to ensure a successful installation–including add-on features such as SoundShield™ (noise transfer reduction) and XstreamAir™ (a filtered fresh air system). Visit the HVAC manufacturers online to view more of their energy-efficient solutions, and call (914) 668-4700 to discuss your project today.