Ice Air to Host Live CEU Webinar: Design Strategies to Decarbonize Architecture

Ice Air to host live CEU webinar for HVAC architects and engineers examining how strategic electrification can help reduce building greenhouse gas emissions.

News Ice Air to Host Live CEU Webinar Design Strategies to Decarbonize ArchitectureMOUNT VERNON, NY– Ice Air®, the developer and manufacturer of a wide variety of HVAC units, will host a live webinar on June 7, 2023 featuring its new CEU course, Design Strategies to Decarbonize Architecture. The course explores the roles of architects and engineers can play in helping to curb climate change through HVAC system electrification and presents real-world performance and design considerations which can influence the selection process. Advance registration for the free webinar is now open.

Driven by concerns about increasing electrification mandates in construction, Ice Air designed this program with the objectives of helping participants:

  • Grasp the overall concept and goals of building decarbonization;
  • Understand the significant impact electrification can have on building decarbonization;
  • Identify which areas in the U.S. are moving aggressively toward electrification;
  • Learn about various HVAC electrification systems and solutions;

“Ice Air is excited to host this live because it offers architects and engineers a realistic overview of the current state of electrified HVAC systems,” says Tom Glass, director of sales and marketing. “The course also delves into the long-term impact HVAC electrification will have as the industry transitions away from fossil fuels. The live webinar format is intended to spark attendee interaction and dialogue through built-in chat features, polls and a Q&A session.”

Ice Air’s new CEU is a registered course with the AIA CES as well as ASPE for continuing professional education. Registration is open now for this exciting new CEU webinar on June 7.

About Ice Air

Ice Air, LLC is an HVAC original equipment manufacturer, based out of New York, with 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior heating and cooling systems for new construction and replacement applications. Ice Air offers advanced innovative technologies, which provide world class comfort at high efficiency levels, meeting environmental standards and promoting a healthy environment. In addition to Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs), Ice Air offers: Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (PTACs/PTHPs), Geothermal and Standard Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHPs), Single Packaged Vertical Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHPs), Fan Coil units (FCUs) and Hybrid Water Cooled Air Conditioners (HWCAC)s and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems.

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