Ice Air Retrofit Project Serves Seniors in Seaside Community

Ice Air, a leading developer and manufacturer of HVAC units, collaborated with Francis Asbury Manor to retrofit their upscale assisted-living community with air conditioning. The community, which is situated in the Victorian seaside town of Ocean Grove, NJ, needed to be upgraded from the inside out in order to provide them with the ultimate comfort.

Ice Air’s Philadelphia area representative, Energy Transfer Solutions Inc. (ETSI) worked directly with Francis Asbury Manor to retrofit their existing facility. Greg Stoughton of ETSI, who helped to manage the project, said that the job was “a large undertaking because there was no air conditioning in the building, just hot water radiator heating and no central air conditioning.” Ice Air’s solution was to install 45 new Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) because they are the most time and cost-efficient.

The entire PTAC installation was carried out as part of a full building renovation, which took about three months. This work included cutting holes through the existing walls to install new wall sleeves and air conditioning units with color-matched architectural louvers. Each unit was connected to the building’s existing hot water piping and coils. No re-wiring was necessary because PTACs are powered from interior electrical outlets, which makes the job a cleaner and easier process than typical retrofitting projects.

The new PTACs will allow Francis Asbury residents to regulate their own room temperatures, and provide them with an aesthetically cleaner unit that fits the beauty and comfort of their location.