Con Edison’s 2023 Energy Efficiency Program Encompasses Ice Air Energy-Efficient Equipment for Eligible Multifamily Buildings

Ice Air and conEdisonMount Vernon, NY – Ice Air, a leading global provider of climate control solutions, has announced building owners can now benefit from a variety of incentives and rebates being offered for multifamily buildings through the Con Edison 2023 Energy Efficiency Program. A participant in the Clean Heat initiative led by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison encourages the adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling of both spaces and hot water in multifamily buildings as a means of reducing overall building carbon emissions.

“Space heating is the biggest energy consumer in multifamily buildings (41%) according to the US Department of Energy (DOE),” says Tom Glass, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ice Air. “Therefore, this area represents the most opportunities to improve energy efficiency through strategic use of electrified air source heat pump equipment. That’s one of the reasons Con Edison and other utility vendors have created multiple incentives around these innovative options for building owners in the multifamily market segment.”

“For example, property owners or managers of market-rate multifamily buildings with five or more units can realize savings by replacing aging equipment with efficient, eco-friendly alternatives such as Ice Air’s high efficiency heat pumps,” explains Glass. “And, buildings located in Brooklyn or Queens may qualify for additional special offers and energy efficiency upgrades.”

Owners and managers of residential multifamily buildings with 5+ residential units can find more information about saving energy on Con Edison’s website. The utility also offers an easy-to-use Eligibility Screener for Affordable Multifamily Buildings to help owners and managers determine if their buildings qualify for higher savings on equipment upgrades.

“Ice Air clean, heat pump technology offers an ideal, eco-friendly solution for making 5+ unit buildings more comfortable year-round,” states Glass. “Incentives can cover up to 50% of project costs or $1 million, whichever is lower. Project costs include anything related to equipment, labor, decommissioning and project design.” More details on Con Edison’s heat pump incentives and rebates for multifamily buildings are available here.

About Ice Air
Ice Air, LLC, headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York, develops and manufactures a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior heating and cooling systems for new construction, replacement and retrofit installations. Ice Air offers innovative technologies and provides world class comfort at high efficiency levels, meeting environmental standards and promoting a healthy environment. The Ice Air product lineup includes Water Source Heat Pumps Units (WSHP), Packaged Terminal A/Cs (PTAC), Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP), Single Packaged Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (SPAC/SPHP), Fan Coil units (FCU), Hybrid Water Cooled A/C conditioners (HWCAC), Domestic Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH), Heat Pump Water Chiller/Heaters (HPWH-SC) and VRF solutions.

About Con Edison
Con Edison is one of the largest energy companies in the U.S. by revenue, providing gas and electricity for most homes and businesses in NYC. The utility has more than $63 billion in assets and 14,000 employees by the end of 2021, and revenue of over $13.6 billion.