Ice Air Career Programs

Ready for the challenge?

The Ice Air Career Program seeks to interest young men and women in joining Ice Air to be exposed to key aspects of our business. Ice Air is a supplier of specialized HVAC equipment based in Mt. Vernon, New York.  Over the last several years, Ice Air has developed innovative products that meet the environmental challenges of eliminating the need for fossil fuel sources to provide heating, cooling, domestic hot water and central water loop systems. The Ice Air career program seeks to prepare candidates for a future for themselves with us. Areas of study could include business, engineering, accountancy, information technology, marketing, pre-legal, human resources, sociology and humanities.

Program Eligibility

This career program recognizes that Ice Air is a growing business experiencing exponential growth now and for the coming 3-5 years.  The coming expansion of the business requires more people, well rounded in the business, able to step into middle management roles at the end of two years with us. Ice Air is opening the program for two (2) motivated and qualified candidates with the goal of increasing the program to four within the next 12 months. The program candidate eligibility includes: community college (2-year graduates) or bachelors of arts or bachelors of science (4-year graduates).  Our initial search will focus on colleges in the New York area. Our traineeship could be his/her first job.


Compensation will be competitive and dependent on the candidate’s experience. Additionally, candidates will receive increases as they complete each phase of the program and if performance exceeds expectations, will be eligible for an additional bonus. Candidates will be offered the same benefits as other employees.

The Program

The program strives to be exciting and enjoyable for the candidate.  All candidates should have the feeling that he or she is building a strong relationship with Ice Air and are building a future as part of the Ice Air family. A candidate will be mentored by Tom Glass, Director of Sales and Marketing. The candidate will serve in each of the following areas for a period of four months:
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Accountancy
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Engineering & Product Development
Candidates rotate to each area so that by the end of two years, he or she will have served in each. At the completion of the 5 areas, the candidate and their mentor will choose which area of the business is best suited for a long-term career at the company. While the candidate is working within the above areas, they will be assigned work that is part of the regular flow of the business. The work needs to be performed at a high level in a timely manner and where she / he is expected to deliver good performance. Candidates are not at Ice Air to observe; they are in the program to learn by doing. In addition, each candidate will be assigned a special project with a designated time to be completed. That typically would be an outside study related to Ice Air’s business, such as evaluation of competitors, legal / regulatory trends in the business, market studies, etc. Each candidate will be an at will employee of the company and subject to the company’s policies and procedures.  Each candidate will need to execute an offer letter and non-disclosure agreement.  Each candidate should understand from the inception of the program that if they don’t perform to the company’s expectations they will be dropped from the program and out of Ice Air.

Next Steps

Tom Glass, Ice Air’s director of Sales and Marketing, oversees the program and welcomes your application. Tom will be the “mentor” of the candidates, listening to them, resolving any issues, improving the tempo of work and productivity.  Candidates should be rated in writing by their supervisor at the completion of each four month term.  The goal of the career program should leave the candidate with a clear path for a career at Ice Air in order to facilitate the growth phase of Ice Air’s business. Cover letters and Resumes should be submitted to