Advanced Controls

Ice Air’s controls are designed for ease-of-use and efficiency. Unit-mounted controls are standard (accessed through an attractive brushed aluminum control door). Optional wall-mounted remote controls are available.   Features:
  • Hard-wired with selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius readout with accuracy of +/-1°F
  • Temperature set-point range is 51°-91°F (10.6-32.7°C)
  • Large, clear backlit display that is easy to read in various lighting conditions

Manual Controls

Ice Air - Product - AccuZone Thermostat - Manual Controls
  • Six-position mode switch (Off / Heat/ Hi Cool / Low Cool / Vent / Exhaust)
  • Unit-mounted rotary control thermostat
  • Standard low temperature control activates motorized heating control valve below 45°F
  • Dual freezestats to prevent compressor and heating coil damage

Standard Digital Touchpad

Ice Air - Product - AccuZone Thermostat - Standard Digital Touchpad
  • User-friendly touchpad and readout
  • Precise temperature control
  • Multiple fan speed options
  • LCD display
  • LEEDs compliant Night Setback feature

7-Day Programmable

Ice Air - Product - AccuZone Thermostat - 7-Day Programmable
  • 5/2 or 7-day programs for highest efficiency
  • Factory or field-set temperature limits
  • Large clear display – in any lighting condition
  • Auto-Changeover Mode
  • Easy to program

Wireless Thermostat

Ice Air - Product - AccuZone Thermostat - Wireless Thermostat
  • Easy programming
  • Settings for morning, day, evening and night
  • Clear backlit display – in any lighting condition
  • Auto Changeover Mode
  • Optional remote temperature sensor is available

Nest “Learning Thermostat”

Ice Air - Product - AccuZone Thermostat - Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Programmable to save energy
  • Remembers temperatures and time/day to create customized schedule
  • Easy to install and program – self-learning technology
  • Sleek, ultra-modern, efficient design
  • Integrates with mobile devices/Smart phones (Nest Mobile app)