RSXC-S – Cold Climate Single Packaged Vertical Heat Pump

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Ice Air RSXC-S Series Cold Climate heat pumps are efficient, sustainable, slim and sleek heat pumps designed for cold climate energy efficiency. Ice Air provides the best of both worlds – giving you the performance of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with the convenience of a packaged unit.

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Products: RSXC09-S

Thermostat Options



Series Model # RSXC09-S
Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)1 7,500
Cooling Capacity Range (Btu/hr) 6,300 – 11,800
EER1 11.0
Heating Capacity (Btu/hr)2 7,500
Heating Capacity Range (Btu/hr) 5,200 – 12,600
COP2 3.5
Voltage 115 208
Current in Cooling Operation (Amps) 5.9 3.3
Power in Cooling Operation (Watts) 682
Current in Heating Operation (Amps) 5.5 3.0
Power in Heating Operation (Watts) 682
MCA (without Electric Heat) 10.6 5.9
MOCP (without Electric Heat) 15 15
Evaporator Motor Nominal HP 1/25 1/25
Airflow (CFM) 380
Heating Capacity @ 10°F 6,100
COP @ 10°F 2.00
Heating Capacity @ 5°F 5,600
COP @ 5°F 1.75
Specification Notes:
1. Rated performances in cooling mode @80°F/67°F DB/WB Indoors and 95°F/75°F DB/WB Ambient
2. Rated performances in heating mode @ 70°F/60°F DB/WB Indoors and 47°F/43°F DB/WB Ambient
3. If the electric heat option is selected, the heat pump operation is disabled and electric heat enabled below -5°F (+/- 3 °F).
4. Units without electric heat will operate below -5°F with derated performance. Performance below -5°F has not been certified.
5. Electric heat is recommended in markets that may experience ambient temperatures below -5°F.