Thank ThermalGuard Technology from Ice Air for Less Heat Transfer

Ice Air has recently developed a new Thru-Wall Sleeve for its Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs), called ThermalGuard™. ThermalGuard™ is a brand new, patented technology designed to eliminate heat transfer from outside the building through the wall sleeve casing.

Normal wall sleeves are typically made of sheet metal and change temperature depending on the ambient outside air temperature. This causes the PTAC unit to work over-time to heat the interior space during winter, or cool it during summer. Often this eliminates any gains in PTAC energy efficiency. With ThermalGuard™ technology, PTACs are even more efficient and make a stronger contribution to overall building energy efficiency. It may also be possible to garner increased LEEDs points using ICE AIR’s patented ThermalGuardTM technology.

Tom Glass, Director of National Accounts at ICE AIR, explains that the “ThermalGuard™ wall sleeve is the first of its kind in the HVAC marketplace, and really seals the building from the inside out to prevent energy and thermal transfer.”

Ice Air is currently installing ThermalGuard™ Wall Sleeves in various new construction building projects in New York City. They can be applied to any PTAC project or installation, from new construction to renovation and retrofit projects.